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Types of Pain?

Back injuries or pain, shoulder injuries, stiff or sore neck, knee injuries, foot pain, plantar fasciitis or hand and arm pain? We can help get you back in the game and back in comfort. Performing and enjoying living again.

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Prices and Packages

We always try to give you the Best Value, so you get the most “bang for your buck”. To find out about the costs for private sessions and packages to help you save money.

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Private Sessions

Private “hands on” sessions will accelerate your recovery. The best treatment and tools for your unique body, goals and situation. Get rid of pain and learn how to “let go” of the torque and tension that is holding you back.

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The Cost of Pain

Pain has many costs! There are the visible costs and invisible costs. For individuals pain can chip away at your wallet, productivity, energy, mental and emotional well-being, your outlook and relationships.

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Soma Somatics

SOMA Somatics is a systematic approach to health and performance. Working with your brain, body, breath & fascia to get you out of pain and enjoying life again. Life is short. Don’t wait. You are worth it!

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Groups & Corporate

We have created interactive and enjoyable workshops for Back Care, Exceptional Aging, Injury Prevention and Ergonomics for corporate clients and the public.


On thousands of evaluations, 99.9% of SOMA 4 LIVING workshop participants say they would recommend their workshops to others and gave 4.5-5 out of 5 on the trainings quality and practical application.