The # 4 is a simple image to illustrate...

  • That all the parts are connected.
  • Remind us to look at the whole, or big picture.
  • 4 dimensions of the living body. 

4 on track.jpg

The Number 4 is a powerful number with many different meanings or applications.

We purposely use the number 4 substituting it for the word "for" to stand out, but more so because it signifies important principles of what makes our Soma 4 Living approach unique and valued.  We look at the human body or an organization as a whole.  "The whole is more than the sum of it's parts."

So much of life tends to get complicated.  4 is an image to help simplify.  So much of research, science, studies and education get broken down into parts.  There is value in that but to see and effectively utilize that information and knowledge in a living organism it needs to be applied to the whole and how the different parts work together.  The number 4 is a simple and easy image to illustrate how all the parts are connected.

Just as there are 4 quarters in a whole.  4 seasons over the course of the year. 4 directions in a compass. The 4 elements that make up matter. 4 parts of the human living being(body, mind, emotion, spirit).  While many numbers have significance the number 4 carries with it the image of looking and working with all the different parts that make up you as a living human being.  Or all the different parts, departments and systems of a successful organization. 

To have health, success and life you have to have all the parts communicating and working together.  Most forms of pain, dysfunction and disease happen when there is break down of this communication and coordination between the different parts of the entire living being. 

Four is the only composite number that is equal to the sum of its prime factors.

Thomas Hanna in the book "Body of Life" describes the 4 dimensions of the Soma (living body)

The 3 dimensions of the human body describe our functionality and physicality. The front/back, right/left side and the head/feet.  The 4th dimension is oriented around the fact that the common denominator of the living body is movement.  All of life involves movement.  Even when we are still our heart and lungs are moving.  When that movement stops there is no more life. 

Wherever there is movement there is a tempo or timing to that movement.  The 4th dimension of the living body is Timing.  How well the 3 dimensions communicate and coordinate largely determines the quality, efficiency, and ease in our lives. To find fulfillment, joy and performance we need to free, balance and utilize our four dimensional self.  We need to find our move and find our groove.