The Many Faces of Pain:

Pain has many forms, sensations and root causes.  Looking at pain honestly let’s a person see how their perceptions greatly if not entirely influence their levels and intensity of their pain.   

Physical pain can come from sudden injury or come on or come back for no obvious reason.  Chronic pain effects many people and is one of the largest costs to individuals, organizations and medical systems around the world.  Much physical pain is caused by old habits of how we learned to use our body.  Jobs with repetitive actions, stationary positions and demanding tasks create a lot of the strain and sprain injuries.  Stress also plays a huge “invisible” role in the development of pain and disease. 

Emotional pain is much more common today.  Statistics and most conversations with friends or associates reveal just how common emotional pain is and how it gets caught in people’s lives. 

Mental pain comes in the form of a busy brain, anxiety, mental illness and dis-ease.   When you have trouble relaxing, sleeping or difficulty focusing, challenges brining thoughts to words,  

Organizational pain comes in form of poor work practices, poor communication, 

lost profits, increased costs, lost efficiencies, lost opportunity to get your team working together with a sense of commitment, contribution and purpose. 

Social pain shows itself in challenging energy draining people in your life.   It displays itself in strained relationships, worrying and constant thinking about other people in your life. 

Who do you attract into your life?  Do you attract people who are “high maintenance”. 

Growing pains Children can feel pain from growing as adults this growing pain can come in the form of the pain of taking on something new, a new stressor in your life, taking on a new challenge, learning a new instrument or new learning can come along with discomfort from the unfamiliar and the frustration of being a beginner again.  


Profiting from pain

Pain is a part of life whether we like it or not.  Pain isn’t all negative. Pain is a signal that the balance is out of whack.  All of life requires a balance and when the pendulum gets pushed to far one way or the other the result is pain.  Pain can be a crisis or a great catalyst to change and improvement.  The chinese symbol for crisis is the same for opportunity.   Turn your pain into an opportunity to improve and take yourself  or your organization to a new level of living and functioning.