a stretching and stiffening of the trunk and extremities, as when fatigued and drowsy


yawning and stretching (as when first waking up)

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Pandiculate 4 Performance

Pandiculation gives predictable, persistent and precise activation of the control centre.  somatic or voluntary nervous system, the sensory/motor system, the autonomic or reflexive system.

The act of stretching oneself

Animals will naturally extend, lengthen and stretch upon waking, before sleeping and going from rest to activity.  It is a whole body action which is generally performed with a yawn or a large breath.  There are variances in exact execution but generally it will involve a shortening before lengthening, closing of the eyes and joint extension. 

This action has been found to help an animal reduce stiffness and tension, help balance and wake up the brain, and bring the animal back to state of homeostasis and balance while preparing them for moving and taking action.  

It is noticeably absent in states of illness and increases again as the animal progresses to a state of health. Youth and health are associated with increased frequency and fullness of pandiculation.


Pandiculation literally means, “to stretch while yawning." Hanna's use is in reference to how humans stretch upon waking or how animals immediately stretch after lying, crouching, or resting.  Hanna’s primary method of ‘pandiculation’ is a controlled shortening and lengthening of a muscle or muscle group which reawakens the sensory-motor cortex to more voluntary neuromuscular control of that muscle or muscle group.


Thomas Hanna created a clinical system utilizing this natural biological response and combining it with the latest neuromuscular research and applications.  He found that much pain, dis-ease and dys-function in society come out of a lacking of humans to find this natural and quick way to rebalance their brain and body.   His system called Somatics or Hanna Somatic Education teaches people how to quickly and consistently improve their own and their clients movements.  This approach combined with other forms of performance enhancement make for a very powerful teaching and movement method to maximize a person’s mental outlook, emotional stability, physical performance and resilience and spiritual connection. 


Soma Self Pandiculation: are full body movements, that coordinate the contraction and stretching (lengthening) of your living body.   A quick and complete way to eliminate unnecessary tension, manage pain and improve performance. 

Soma Pain Pandiculation: One of the best methods for reducing pain and rehabilitating from injuries. A gentle “hands on” approach that works with your awareness, your mind, your muscles and your movement.

Soma Performance Pandiculation: An accelerated  “hands on” form of training to get your body and brain performing it’s best.

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Pandiculation- (pan-DIK-yuh-lay-shuhn)

The act of stretching oneself.

a stretching out when drowsy or when waking; loosely used for 'yawning'

Extended; spread out; stretched.

Latin pandiculatus past participle of pandiculari to stretch oneself, derivation of pandere to stretch