Private Session Pricing and Packages

Soma 4 Living's Greg Augustine offers a variety of services.  All of our services are purposed to help you release your performance.  We help you perfect your posture, prevent injuries, rehabilitate from pain and injuries and a lead a joyful fulfilled life.  We value your time and your money.  We use the proven systems and best practices that help you get the most "bang for your buck" and "value for your time".



Private Performance and Rehabilitation sessions - $120

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  • Soma Somatics

  • Myofascial Release

  • Athletic or Sport specific Coaching

  • Individual Stretching and Movement programs

  • Integrated Massage for Relaxation and de-Stressing

  • Golf Performance "hands on" consultation

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Call us at 250-748-6626


4 Sessions for $400- You save $80

SOMA 4 LIVING- Community Caring Program  - we work with you to help you get your body working again. 

SOMA 4 LIVING offers  a select amount of community caring sessions each month for people who are in need, have a strong desire to help themselves but are having financial challenges.  Please click here to contact us and to find out if this might apply for you.


Online Consultations and Coaching with Greg Augustine - $120- Click here to book a session

  • Individualized Goal Setting & Action Planning

  • Personal Assessment- Posture, Risks, Pain, Performance and Joy

  • Coaching and Consultation

  • Review and Tweaking of Exercise Program

  • Guidance for Rehabilitation and/or Performance Actions

  • Ergonomic Risks and Recommendations

  • Finding Fulfilment and Joy programs

4 WORK-   Organizational and Workplace Training and Consulting 

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  • Injury Prevention and Ergonomic Training

  • Ergonomic Risk Assessments

  • Injury Prevention System development

  • Wellness System development and Consultation

  • On-site Ergonomic Consulting

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4 LIVING- Personal Back Rehabilitation Coaching

Quick Consults to individual designed programs to get the best therapies, training, guidance and instruction wherever you are. Click here to arrange a Free 15 minute consult to see if this is right for you. 

Because Greg experienced the lacking in the rehabilitation and medical education fields and having witnessed so many people suffering needlessly for months or years without success he started offering this service.  To help people get back to the things they love to do and get back to a productive and enjoyable life as quick as possible. There are many costs when it comes to pain, injuries and dysfunction.  The financial costs are the obvious ones, but there are many other costs that take a toll on your mental well being, on your spouse, on your family, your sanity, your relationships, your energy, your time, your creativity, your focus and your overall success.  Get to the root causes, make the most effective changes, learn the tools that work and get the accurate information to get you back into the game.  Now!

Quick Consults to individual designed programs to get the best therapies, training, guidance and instruction wherever you are. 

  • Review of your history and actions taken

  • Assessment of your present situation

  • Review of your insurance coverage

  • Guidance to get the best therapies for best value

  • What's helped what hasn't

  • Lifestyle and life realities assessment

  • Individual education and coaching

  • Action plan to help you have success