“Life doesn’t get easier or more forgiving, we get stronger and more resilient.” 
― Steve MaraboliLife, the Truth, and Being Free



Life is always providing challenges for us to face.  Life is always changing.  We learned our ways of surviving long ago.  Most of them we gather from the people or experts in our circle of exposure and influence as we grow up.  Those people who get through without trauma are fortunate and rare.  Whether we experienced trauma or not the majority of the population learned faulty ways of perceiving their bodies, few tools for recovery and resilience and a very limited and a distorted self image and concept.  

These distortions in how we view and treat our bodies, our movement and our mind create patterns that reduce our natural healing capacity as well as our ease and fluidity.  It leaves us in a fear, reactive, hyper or hypo vigilant state.  Too many times it causes a sense of separateness in our relationships in our world and our living bodies.  To be resilient we need to attain or regain our sense of self.  We need to release our intention, awareness, integration and movement.  Life's a bitch!   Is a statement that we have all related to at one point or another. Don't get fooled into believing your current circumstances and limitations need to be your present reality or future. 

Resilience is a quality and skill to be honed and cherished.  Being able to avoid injuries and mental/emotional traps being able bounce back quicker from the bumps on the road and being able to enhance and maintain our degree of joy, abundance and power in our lives is not only possible but more simple than you might think.  

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