SOMA’s Pain Relief System.

Treatment, Tools & Transformation!

We use safe, advanced and effective “hands on” treatments featuring SOMA Somatics, Clinical Pandiculation and Myofascial Release. We leave you with simple and practical tools for your maintenance and resilience. You come away with 5 -20 minute daily routines to centre, calm, relax and ready yourself for action. Incorporating somatic movements, mindfulness, movement meditation, breath work and soma somatic fascial stretching. We give you tips for your lasting resilience; improving your posture, body mechanics, ergonomics, injury prevention and gaining the performance edge. So you can experience a transformation from restriction and pain, into a new sense of confidence, power, flow and joy in your movement and your life.

“Clinical pandiculation is like a work out for your brain, stretch for your muscles and release of your whole body.”


“It helps relax, re-set and calm your whole neuromuscular system.”