There are so many ways to move our bodies. Some are great for stretching and opening your body, some are great at making us feel connected, helping improve our confidence and strength.  Some are great for being able to help us express ourselves, entertain people and bring out our creative beings. Many approaches can help us become more knowledgable about and use our bodies better. However some of them can put quite a stress on us and sometimes it can leave you in pain, with injuries or stiff.  

Greg's SoMojo system of movement is a great adjunct to any of these forms. For many people it gives them a new way of bringing the living body perspective to their old practices and helps them get more satisfaction, results and joy with them.  

Any form of movement and movement training that helps give you tools for self awareness, maintenance and improvement can be useful.  But finding a way to connect all the parts of yourself and use a principle centred approach allow you to be more adaptable and present in the movement and the moment.