Workshops &Training:

When you invest in training you want it to be money well invested. 

A workshop and training leader makes or breaks a learning session.  Our successful approach uses effective adult learning strategies, communicating in a way that your people understand and that get your people engaged and empowered are imperative if you want to get any value out of your employee training investment. Our trainings are proven. 

Soma 4 Living has created powerful and effective training programs to make your organization and people resilient and adaptable. 

“If you go thru life as a hammer everything looks like a nail”  Most studies and trainings are linear in the way they are developed and delivered.  Most professionals get stuck in the limited way they see, think and communicate.  To create the most effective trainings an integrated approach is the most effective. 

  • Platinum: All of above and Soma self-care movement videos of your choice