Fascia hydrates, communicates & connects everything in our body.

Myofascial Release is a powerful system to relieve back pain, to help you move better, prevent injuries and improve your performance.  SOMA 4 LIVING provides Myofascial Release, SOMA Somatics and deep tissue work in Duncan, and southern Vancouver Island.

The fascial system is like a liquid web,  it is also called connective tissue. It is important because it connects our living body from the top to the bottom from side to side and from inside to outside. It surrounds everything in our body. It houses our nervous system where it has three layers of fascia that help protect it and provide nourishment. 

Every organ in our body is surrounded by connective tissue. Every joint in our body is surrounded and supported by fascia. It wraps around every muscle and every blood vessel every vein and every nerve. It encompasses every muscle fibre and tendon, right down to the cellular level. Fascia wraps around every cell providing support, protection, nourishment, space and communication throughout our living body. 

When it is healthy it allows movement, circulation, hydration, nourishment, strength and support. When it is unhealthy it restricts movement and circulation and prevents hydration and nourishment. It can get glued down and create pain, imbalances, poor posture and a host of other problems.  

One of the more recognizable common fascial diagnosis is plantar fasciitis. When the fascial sheath underneath your foot gets inflamed and you feel pain in your heel. You feel the pain in your foot and heel but many times the problem is the connections of fascia that go up the back of the lower leg or calf and into the hamstring, pelvis and extensor muscles of the back.

There have been people who have been speaking about the importance of fascia since the early 1900’s.  However it is only recently that our medical science has started to recognize how critical it is in our healthy functioning and in pain prevention, management and recovery.

Fascia can be injured or compromised by injury, trauma, stress, surgery, sedentary lifestyle and repetitive movements. When we are healthy things move well.  When our muscles get locked down and fascia gets stuck and glued down it causes pain, dis-function and dis-ease. 


Watch Video below.  We are much more fluid and dynamic than we believed.