Music, Movement, Meaning and Mojo.


Let Augie Dawg motivate, entertain, educate and inspire the people at your event.

Bring in Augie Dawg for your next conference. He brings an inspiring and entertaining message combining personal well-being, purpose and joy. Demonstrating through personal and powerful stories, songs and examples. Let AUGIE DAWG help your people find their individual motivation and excellence as well as a collective communication and connection.


Check out the Brand New Music Video- BACK PAIN BLUES.


Some early responses….

“it speaks to me in so many ways” Mike R.

“I did have the back pain blues but this song cured it!!!” - Chey P.

“It’s medicine to my back” - David C.

Wow, Wow ! It is absolutely fantastic, well done!  Maya.

Love it! - Susan

Augie Dawg’s new song and music video Back Pain Blues have just been released and available on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music and other popular music sites.

or Purchase at CD Baby. Click here. Back Pain Blues


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AUGIE DAWG is Greg Augustine’s musical and performance pseudonym. AUGIE DAWG is a musician, speaker, healer and educator. He has recorded and released two songs and music videos. He does live show, keynote presentations, workshops and is starting a video blog called Dextor, Dawg & the Dojo.


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AUGIE DAWG knows every part of our lives and our physical, mental and emotional health is about movement. All movement has a rhythm to it, or a groove. The more healthy and happy we are, the more we are able to find our own personal and collective groove. The same works in reverse, the more we can free our movement and our rhythm the healthier and happier we are.

The Dextor, DAWG & the Dojo blog is a casual and inspirational portal focusing on Music, Movement, Meaning and Mojo.


Augie Dawg’s New Years Song - Music Video

Available on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music and other popular music sites.

or Purchase at CD Baby. Click here. AUGIE DAWG’S New Year Song