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SOMA Somatics is based on the work of Thomas Hanna, the man who wrote the book called Somatics, who created a comprehensive system integrating an assessment protocol, movement program, theoretical framework and a clinical “hands on” system. Thomas Hanna directed the first Feldenkrais training in North America and worked with many somatic pioneers. His system comes out of the Feldenkrais Method, Alexander technique, biofeedback and stress management fields. It is a blending or fusion of these individually powerful approaches into a system that is easy to understand and apply to help you improve you and find your best self.

Somatics works with the control centre. Your brain and nervous system.  It works with how the brain and the body are connected.  It works with your whole living system, your Soma.  

There are four main components to Somatics: a system of education, a system of awareness, a "hands on" therapeutic system, and a system of safe intelligent movement.  It isn't just a therapy but it has profound therapeutic benefits.  It isn't just education but it is the missing link in education and recovery.  It isn't just a form of exercise but it is a way of rediscovering our own healing capacity and really improving our own self-regulation, self balancing and self improvement.  It isn't just a method of awareness but it helps us get in touch with our ability to have more personal choice, creativity and control in our lives.  It works with the living body or as the old greek word; Soma- the living body as experienced from within. 

In her own words…

I was a competitive swimmer for over ten years and have suffered from chronic neck, shoulder and back pain for the last ten years.  I experienced more improvement in my posture, mobility and pain relief after just one session than I did from months of physio and massage.  I am sleeping better and it brought a new awareness to my body mechanics during daily chores such as dishes, laundry and driving. In my fitness pursuits, jogging, swimming, cycling, I noticed new levels of coordination and ease which gave me highly improved power and endurance.   Greg’s knowledge, intuition and care make him a stand-out practitioner and I would highly recommend his services to anyone suffering from back pain or seeking to improve their physical and athletic performance.”
— Heather Turnquist
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Take your practice and your life to a new level!

The great part of Somatics is it can be simple or as in depth as you want. The gentle, safe movement and awareness program by itself can complement any other method like, yoga, pilates, tai chi, weight training, running, dancing etc.. The education system gives you a concrete way to understand how your history, experiences, reflexes, stresses and joys can get your body and life stuck and simple ways of being able to take back control and regain hope. The “hands on” system and method called “clinical pandiculation” the only way to combat Sensory-Motor Amnesia, which effects us all and it is the quickest and most effective means to be able to release, recover and get resilient again. Taken at a deeper level and bringing it all together it can become a practical and philosophical journey of self regulation, self realization and self discovery,

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Somatic Movement Explorations

Simple, practical and effective movements for releasing tension and the holding patterns that cause pain and strip away our energy and vitality.

Somatics works with sensory motor amnesia of SMA. SMA is a faulty learning and programming in your nervous system that keeps keeps your muscles tighter then they need to be. It pulls you out of whack, shortens you, tightens you, puts more pressure on your spine, restricts the space in your joints, wastes your strength and energy, slowly strips away your life performance and makes you feel older prematurely.

Somatics helps you move better, feel better and look better. It helps you get to the root cause of your problems, it helps you get back in the driver’s seat of your recovery and growth so you can have more control, more tools and more capacity for healing and for enjoying. Whether you are recovering from an injury, wanting to discover what you are really passionate about, needing to find more calm in anxious life, or trying to maximize your performance in sports or life. Somatics can help.


Life is Movement. Free your Motion.

The sensory motor cortex. The sensory motor system controls all of our functioning.

It is the sensory motor system that falls asleep and learns compensatory programs that causes Sensory Motor amnesia. Which makes us feel old, sore, tired and weak.

Pandiculation is the only method for directly working with Sensory Motor amnesia to regain our pain free movement and life.

Thomas Hanna wrote numerous books, he was a doctorate and professor of philosophy, but he wasn’t satisfied in philosophizing about life he wanted to experience it and help other people be able to experience it. He believed in the importance of function and how it effects our structure and he believed in adaptability and growth.

SOMA Somatics builds on what Thomas Hanna brought to the world and expands on the principles and application of pandiculation and integrates a myofascial understanding and approach. Somatics is about regaining conscious control of habituated patterns of restriction and imbalance. Myofascial Release is about uncovering and releasing the unconscious holding patterns in the largest and all encompassing system, our connective tissue or fascia. Science is just beginning to realize the importance of this liquid web that envelopes and surrounds everything in our living body.


Fascia the liquid web.

It surrounds, supports, hydrates and communicates with every system and cell in our living body.


Clinical Pandiculation

A quick, safe and painless way of releasing neuromuscular patterns of restriction and compensation .

Somatics helped me get out of 13 years of back pain and reoccurring injuries and have a pain free back for 18 years without surgery.
— G.A.

Speed up and deepen your recovery with “hands on” SOMA Somatics.

"If life means movement, and death means non-movement , then...more movement means more life and ...less movement means less life...A diminished capacity for movement is equivalent to diminished life." --Thomas Hanna


The simplest and most complete book written on Somatics by Dr. Thomas Hanna.