Release Your Awareness

Soma Somatics is a powerful system for relieving back pain, preventing injuries and improving posture, movement and performance.  Created by Greg Augustine, Soma Somatics is based on the groundbreaking work of Thomas Hanna and amplified by a variety of "hands on" applications Greg created, experimented with, adapted and applied.  It is also an honouring and utilizing of the powerful and all inclusive fascial system and methods for releasing and reinvigorating this intelligent liquid matrix.  Soma Somatics is about working with your living body- your soma- and helping you release your life joy. 

Greg has been certified in Clinical Somatic Education or Hanna Somatics since 1999.  He was one of the first hundred people certified in the world.  Somatics, as it is also known was created by Dr. Thomas Hanna.  HIs first book on the subject was published in 1970.  He wrote the book titled Somatics and was the publisher of the Somatics magazine, published for over 35 years. He created Hanna Somatic Education or Clinical Somatics because he saw the void in the medical system.  He saw how there was millions of people suffering from chronic pain and ailments unnecessarily.

Dr. Thomas Hanna recognized that the problems people where having and the diagnoses they were getting weren't completely accurate or helpful.  He had a desire to help people reach their own human potential and actualize their own individual gifts and capacity.  Through his study of movement, neuroanatomy, physiology, psychology and philosophy he saw that a critical component was missing.  He coined a term called sensory/motor amnesia. SMA is a forgetting and falling asleep at the heart of the control center.  The system of Somatics he created works with this sensory/motor amnesia to awaken and release our mind, movement and mood.

Somatics was the critical component in Greg's own recovery from two herniated discs and 13 years of back pain. When he realized how powerful, complete and complimentary to almost all other forms of exercise, rehabilitation and performance it was, he looked into how he could get trained in it.  The rest as they say is history.  As the originator, founder and author of Somatics- Thomas Hanna died shortly after completing the first certification training.  The truest nature of Somatics is about ourselves, as individuals, as living bodies and as learning and adapting beings.  While Greg was working he realized that there were applications that could be adapted to be safer and more powerful.  Greg keeps the authenticity of what Thomas Hanna developed and has put his own unique tweaks and touches to the work. 

"If life means movement, and death means non-movement , then...more movement means more life and ...less movement means less life...A diminished capacity for movement is equivalent to diminished life." --Thomas Hanna

Somatics works with the control centre. Your brain and nervous system.  It works with how the brain and the body are connected.  It works with the whole system, the living body.  There are four main components to Somatics: a system of education, a system of awareness, a "hands on" therapeutic system, and a system of intelligent movement.  It isn't just a therapy but it has profound therapeutic benefits.  It isn't just education but it is the missing link in education and recovery.  It isn't just a form of exercise but it is a way of rediscovering our own healing capacity and really improving our own self-regulation, self balancing and self improvement.  It isn't just a method of awareness but it helps us get in touch with and utilize our system for having choice and control in our lives.  It works with the living body or as the old greek word; Soma- the living body as experienced from within. 

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Click image to link to to purchase book.

The simplest and most complete book written on Somatics by Dr. Thomas Hanna.