Ergonomic Risk Controls

To prevent injuries and keep your people working effectively ergonomics risks need to be identified and resolved. Besides the fact that it is smart business practice WorkSafe BC makes it mandatory.  Chronic pain musculoskeletal injuries costs your business a lot money.  There are the visible, immediate and obvious costs but there are also the invisible long term costs that end up adding up.  WorkSafe BC estimates the invisible costs are 6:1 ratio compared to the visible costs.  Engineering controls are commonly the best but also the most expensive.  Many times you can make low cost changes that help reduce the risk of pain and injuries.  Our ergonomic risks assessments also include education to leave your people with the knowledge and tools to make adjustments themselves.  Much more than just an assessment. We leave your people motivated and self empowered. 

> Prevent Injuries

> Reduce Pain & Risks of Injuries

> WorkSafe BC Compliance

> Leave your People Educated as well as Motivated  



Musculoskeletal injuries or MSI's and MSD's average 30-70% of workplace injuries. 



In their words...

I couldn't be more pleased with my workspace assessment and your advice.  I've adopted several suggested changes, and am applying the principles.  I expect that the others in the Courtenay office feel this way too.  We feel are grateful for the time you gave us, and for your expertise.

Ian Keith, Veterinarian, Courtney B.C.

Soma 4 Living Ergonomics Plus

From basic computer ergo risk assessments to Soma 4 Living's Workplace Warrior training’s.  

Soma 4 Living Ergo is way more than the standard ergonomics consulting.  We cover all the ergonomic risk & liability requirements but also help your people get engaged and feel like they have more control over their risks, pain and body.   Most ergonomists focus on the equipment.  The most important piece of equipment is your body, or your employees body.  It can't be replaced or upgraded like all the rest of the equipment.  

There are standard and visible ergonomic risks that anyone can find online or by speaking to an any ergonomist but there are also invisible risks that don't get identified because the professionals aren't looking for them.  They are invisible because they are so obvious and just taken for granted.  We look at big picture and the small details, teach your people how to be their own best expert and how to use their own gauges to become more self responsible.

Sometimes you have a critical window of opportunity.  When you invest the money in an ergonomic risk assessment and or training you want your people to come away with a new sense of safety, comfort, resilience and tools for improvement.  Make the most of that window of opportunity email us to find out more about Soma 4 Living ergonomic risk assessments and training. 

Value added is important at any time but especially it todays economic climate.  When it comes to value & quality our services are unsurpassed. Click this link (and put Value Added in subject line) to be emailed a copy of how our services go way above and beyond the usual ergonomic and injury prevention services offered.   

We have a service or system that will help your organization "Release your Performance."


Office and Computer Risk Assessments

  • Bronze: Risks and Solutions documented- Entry level assessment - you come away with risks identified and recommendations suggested. You get a written ergonomic risk and solution report. You find out what to do.

  • Silver: Assessment & Training- Our most popular ergonomic plus program. Entry level assessment and report with personalized training in "tools for better working". Helping with recovery and prevention. You come away knowing what to do, why to do it and how to do it.

  • Gold: The cadillac of our office ergonomic services. All of the bronze and silver, plus a follow up assessment, including two brief personalized training in "tools for better working" trainings helping with recovery, prevention, posture, stress management, mental focus, self care and aging well.


Contact us to geta full list of our happy clients, referrals and specific pricing for your unique needs. 



A popular Value added option:

"Release your Best Office Body" Workshop for a group of employees and "one on one" Silver level assessments with brief personalized training giving tools for better working/living.  Save some money, leave your people more adaptable and with practical skills for working safely, efficiently and effectively.  Get the best value and most bang for your buck.



Field Workers Ergonomic Risk Assessments

Field assessments & training, including tail gate talks, info sessions, injury prevention system development etc. 

  • Ergonomic Risk Reduction Reports

  • Ergonomic Risk Assessments

  • Employee training

  • WorkSafeBC compliance

  • Staff and Supervisor training

  • Train the trainer programs


We normally have a minimum number of ergo assessments to make it worthwhile and cost effective for you and us.  Contact us to find out about availability, pricing, timing and how to organize larger contracts. 

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