Welcome to my blog.  I am dedicated to human performance and life enjoyment.  Most people enjoy life more when they perform better.  However not always.  There are elite athletes, millionaires, master artists, skilled technicians, etc. that don't really enjoy life.  They can be amazing at their craft, sport or trade, have all the money they will ever need but yet find themselves not really enjoying life.

Life is too short not to enjoy it. It passes by so quick. Sometimes we need to take a moment to smell the roses, to soak in all the gifts and blessings we have. To appreciate where we have come from, what we have created or accomplished and what a miracle it is just to be here, alive, with our ability to move, to think, to create, to communicate and to perform.  Everyone has different talents, natural abilities and activities that they feel passionate about doing.  

It's not just about money, fame or accolades. (Although these can help :-)) Hard work without the desired results is a waste of time.  We can work our asses off for something we think will bring us closer to our goal only to find when we get there that it was an illusion.  What are your goals?  What are you passionate about?  What makes you forget about time? What makes you forget about your worries? What brings you joy?

Knowing what we want is the first step to getting there.  Being clear with your intention.  Focusing your attention. Assessing as you go to make sure you are on the right track.  Being adaptable. Listening to the guidance your life provides and the universe is giving you.  Finding peace and joy in the moment, for no reason, and in the heat of the process are all so important to leading an enjoyable and fulfilled life.

It is easy to get drawn into the flavour of the week, the trendy gizmos or the shotgun approaches but the benefits are usually short lived.  For you to maximize your time, energy and resources it makes more sense to create a system personalized for you so you have something that fits with your personality and the reality of your life demands.

I like to move my living body (soma), I like to perform well and I like to have fun.  Why not enjoy life? Life is short. Life, performance and enjoyment don't have to be so hard.  Check out my blog to see if there are any tips, info bits or thoughts that may help you.  Find your move, find your groove. Be happy, be well.