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Best to get to know thyself. Your living body. Helps everything. Healing to joy  

A tale of 2 brains check out 
Importance of grip strength
Correlation between grip strength and overall body strength and functional performance. Reflexes and health.

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golf is supposed to be fun and comfortable.  But it can leave you in pain, injure you and/or worsen your problems. 

different Parts have different roles.  Some parts of spine are better for rotation some aren't

Hips and Shoulders are power points

Hips and hands >


Turkey vulture or hunched posture > how are you supposed to be able to swing when everything is compresses

Type A or the Bow posture > 

The Tilt or Lean posture


Tension: hips, legs, hands, neck, upper back

Imbalances increased risk of injury and pain


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  • Body Language (ted talk) video link on blog

  • Scott Sonnen

  • Perception Rory ??

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Blog topic Learning from Life

If we learn to open our hearts,
anyone, including the people
who drive us crazy,
can be our teacher.

~ Pema Chodron

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Life Performance

Somatic Awareness a multi purpose tool for performance and wellness. HR magazine.

Back Pain the untold

Releasing: Why, what, how, where? 

Somatic Intelligence


Stress mgmt.

9 critical practices to Releasing your Joy. Release your Life

Emotional Intelligence


Soma Intelligence

Risk Perception Gap Notes in Pages document under website/blog

Trauma- self image, self concept


Power of Perception


Postural Perfection


Terminal Perspective 

Purpose on purpose- meaning, joy, fulfillment, legacy, presence 

Reflexes in communication and social situations 

Expanding and narrowing awareness- cycling 

pendulum of awareness

Intention & performance. Wha is your intent?

Graphic of how insults and assaults effect our lives

Ingred michaelson 

Magnificent compound of energy