Video, Website, Blog ideas

Check- Private session notes page- Video- hands on work. Denise narration?

Website videos:
Creating a video with keynote for joy as a finale including all the levels. Then create one for each of the different levels.

  • Pain and release your recovery.

  • Release your resilience.

  • Release your performance. 

  • Release your Joy

    Visually demonstrate different Grid, spectrums from recovery resilience performance and enjoy.

    People come in at a different place, are capable of different amounts of movement and awareness. So for recovery have a line with the different parts that are involved with that. Pain management, four core movements, basic movement patterns, fundamental body mechanics, self-care, RICE, Basic somatic education, basic somatic awareness, so mojo fundamentals,
    The most stripped-down version of recovery might be a hands-on or somatic fascial release and so mojo and body image training.  BIT is one of the awareness components. 

    Awareness fundamentals:
    Postural alignment, balance, Weight distribution, pelvis position, head position, elongated's spiine, BIT(Body image training), but position, shoulders.

    For a handout or book, I can have it all listed out. For a quick reference or checklist, I could have an image of a body and the different cues or chips of the different parts of the body. 

    For fundamental movement patterns I could have the same idea. Human movement patterns.  Standing, sitting, walking

    flexion/extension/lateral flexion/rotation. crawling, running, agility, 

    Critical tips or practices. I.e. – squatting weight on the heels, Dinosaur tail, heels into floor, tall head, alignment through feet, knees and hips. 
    So mojo fundamentals: releasing, warming up, somatic exercises,  Maybe illustrating like a mind map would be better.

    Torque fundamentals: butt torque, feet screw into floor, ab engagement, chest down to pelvis, head tall and aligned. 

Hands on:

Do Video of "Pandiculation and Hands on" don't give it all away.  Leave some mystery.

 Less is more.  "THE WOW not the HOW"

Video of me working with clients, narrated by Denise & comments from clients.

Use hip balance as a main focus.  What does it do to increase risks & pain, decrease balance & performance- Check Hip imbalance blog post

i.e. QL release show hip imbalance, show my hands > show hips moving > show hip balance. 

Pyramid of levels: A level to help you wherever you are and get you to the top of your game

  • Soma Recovery System- SRS

  • Soma Performance System- SPS

  • Soma LifeJoy System - SJS

  • Soma Resilience System- SR2S????

Written Script: Living in Joy

Getting Engagement....

Are you living the life you desire?  Do you live in joy? 

Do you ever feel like you are held back from living the life you want?

What is holding you back? Aging, pain, injuries

Lead in...

We can help you live a life of joy.  Less pain, less injuries, better resilience and better performance.

oh Wait!  Is that resistance that I hea .

That would be great but I don't have time. (have time and busyness or busy lives on slide)

I can't afford it. (Cost) 

It will be too hard. (Work/effort)

It will take too long. (Wait to long- Patience)

I am too old.  (too late)

What if there is an approach that takes away most if not all of these hurdles.  How much desire do you have to improve? Only you can make the choice.  There are 2 reasons that we change. Desire or disaster

If you are watching this & you're laid up because of back pain, or have an acute injury then you are going to be more motivated because of the pain.  Do you have the required desire present to start to learn how to Release your Performance, your Recovery, your Resilience and your Joy? 

Why bother?

To keep your job, your livelihood, your identity.  To maintain and improvement employment. To be able to move, work and stay strong,  healthy, vibrant and relevant.  To be able to keep up with and play with your kids. To play, have fun and enjoy your grandchildren.  To be able stay quick, agile, strong and centred on the court, rink, gym, mountain or field.  To stay faster than your rival. To be ready when challenged. To feel great. To have a smile on your face for no reason. To fully engage in life again. To improve your relationship with yourself, with your living body. To improve your relationship with your loved ones. To take control. To get back in the driver's seat.

Whatever the reason for you, IT is worth it. Your peace of mind, emotional health, physical mobility, connection to purpose and joy are available. Life can be simpler, calmer and more enjoyable. 

When you're ready contact us. 


Questionnaire- Answer 5 questions or statements to lead you to the right level or explore the different entry levels to see where you fit. 

Do you have pain? Recovery

Are your goals to recover from an injury or pain? Recovery

Are your goals to prevent injuries and increase durability ? Resilience

I don't have pain, but I want to be able to perform at my best.  Performance

I feel held back from discovering who I really am.  Joy

Importance of grip strength
Correlation between group strength and overall body strength and functional performance. Reflexes and health

Best to get to know thyself. Your living body. Helps everything. Healing to joy  


Why? Passion for helping people find joy in their lives. Pain, tension, imbalances, injuries, chronic negative thinking, emotional immaturity, self doubt, self judgement and fear steal away our ability to fully enjoy life.  Life is short.  Enjoy each moment. Helping people release their best selves. Be bold again.

What? Many forms for movement, hands on therapy and training and exercise systems.  Massage, myofascial Release, trigger point release, 

What can it help?



I practice TACFIT Tactical Fitness, for heart-rate recovery and strengthening my connective tissue through functional movement patterns.  


Discipline in my movement, mind, mood and meals - my 4Ms of a healthy lifestyle - requires flexible plans, but rigorous observance.

Super Brain notes:
Hyperthymesia  total recall memory. Only seven or eight Americans have been recorded having. 

Super brain heroes – Albert Einstein for adaptability– 
Three strengths:

  1. letting go,

  2. being flexible,

  3. hanging loose.

Three obstacles:

  1. habits

  2. conditioning

  3. stuckness

Hero number two – a newborn baby – four integration
SIFT equals sensation, image, feeling, thought created by psychiatrist Daniel Siegel

Babies are perfect feedback machines

  • Three strengths: communicating, staying balanced, seeing the big picture

  • Three obstacles: isolation, conflict, repression

Hero number three – the Buddha – four expansion of consciousness

  • Three strengths – evolving, expanding, being inspired

  • Three obstacles: contraction, fixed boundaries, conformity

The mind and the brain are two different things. There's a big difference between moving your arm and your are moving. In 1930 Willder Penfield was a pioneering brain surgeon he stimulated the area of the of the brain known as the motor cortex. The brain cannot feel physical pain. He would stimulate part of a person's motor cortex causing the patient's arm to fly out the side, when it happened the patient would say "my arm moved" then Penfield would ask the patient to raise an arm when asked what happened patient The patient would say "I moved my arm"

Perception is endlessly adaptable

Rory Sutherland on Perspective

Perceived value vs actual value

Persuasian works better than compulsion. 

Kind Fredrich and the potato.  nobody would eat it.  famine with only one carb crop -Wheat and prices were unstable.  People didn't want to eat until he declared it the royal vegetable and had a small royal crop that was guarded.  

Speed signs: Smily face and frowning face.  Cost 10% of speed camera and reduce 2x the accidents

Richard Thaler, author of Nudge, Improving decisions about health, wealth and happiness.

Cel phone is persuasive technology

Big Red button in home

Interface determines behaviour

Fundamental opportunities to change human behaviour

Diamond shreddies- Ogilivie Canada,  Hunter summerville and intern. came up with the idea of how to relaunch shreddies. 

American institute of Wine economics.  No correlation between wine and enjoyment except in top 5-10 % unless 

Poetry- is when you make new things- familiar and familiar things- new

We are perishing for want of wonder not for want of wonders