"Kids that can communicate well, problem solve and utilize their creativity are the kids that will excel now and in the future.  Let's create the environment and the community of educators to help ensure the health and success of our kids and our future." - Denise Augustine 

Respected Leader


Bringing out the Best in People 

Denise is the Director of Aboriginal and Learner Engagement for School District 79.  Denise's  leadership started early in her education career. She has always been an informal leader who brought her passion and thoughtful perspective into how her schools were organized and run.  To Denise it always about keeping the eye on the prize. The prize in the field of education is -"the kids." 

Being gifted at communication she helps people  bring out the best in themselves. She gets staff engaged, helps them feel empowered and  keeps them focused on practical results that help create the environment for learning. 

Denise is and has been successful working with many different groups. She believes leadership is critical to being able to bringing out the best in the people, the system and community.  She has spearheaded and been the leader/liaison for stressful structural and organizational change programs. She works to build trust and communication between stakeholders and gets the respect of everyone who works with. 

Engaging Speaker


Engaged and Excited Audience

Denise has always taken her daily role of creating engaging material and programs for her students very seriously. Since getting into the administration role she regularly presents in many different settings and to all kinds of groups. Presenting to the School Board and Sr. Administration or working with community groups and First Nation bands is commonplace for Denise.  

Getting into the administration and formal leadership roles has given her even more perspective on how important it is to have lively, engaging, dynamic and interactive meetings and presentations. Because of her excellent presentations, her insights and learnings Denise has been getting more and more requests to speak at conferences and share her powerful message and her unique experience. 

Being a leader and educator and sought after speaker, Denise is busy. But If you want a powerful Keynote or addition to your conference contact us find out about her availability. 

Master Educator


Life Long Learner and Educator

Denise has spent her whole life as an educator. Being the oldest of seven living in an economically challenged upbringing Denise's wore many hats.

Being with children brings her joy and working with and teaching kids makes her shine.  Denise has worked with children of all ages in a myriad of settings  She has been a teacher since 1989 when she got her bachelor of education from the University of Victoria. 

She brings out the best in whatever groups she is working with, helping them find their own strengths, loves and resilience.

In 2013 she received her Master's of Education from Simon Fraser University.  She has the perfect blend of formal education, the critical eye for what really works and the hands on experience of practical best practices.