Greg has been working in the field of rehabilitation and exercise since 1997.  Greg grew up active in many sports.  He lived in a small mill town so keeping active was the best way not to get bored.  He enjoyed swimming, waterskiing, snow skiing, basketball, baseball, cycling, rugby and hockey etc.  Greg was quite injury prone growing up.  He injured many parts of his body from teenage years on.  Sprains and strains weren't uncommon.  Ankles, knees, hand, shoulders and back injuries became the norm.

Greg dealt with on going low back problems through his twenties and herniated two of the discs in his low back at 30 years old.  "Even though I thought I was doing the stuff I was was supposed to, stretching, ice, heat, strengthening, core, I used to average 10-15 times a year going to chiropractors. Many of them told Greg you aren't getting any younger, you might have to get used to dealing with this"  

After herniating his discs he tried the things that had helped him in the past. He tried chiropractic, physio or physical therapy, massage therapy, acupuncture as well as many other therapies.  He waited months for specialist appointments with neurologists, neurosurgeons and cat scans and MRI's. 

It turned out to be a three year life changing ordeal.  "After having so many injuries and despite the best efforts from many experts and specialists and my best efforts I didn't seem to be on a very productive or enjoyable path."  "Walking along the river one day, the light came on.  Maybe all of this is a sign I should start learning more about this."  "Even though I knew a fair bit from my sports and injuries, what I was doing wasn't working.  And as you start into your thirties you start to realize that life goes quick.  At 30 I felt 85.  I could barely move.  I've got a little bit of a stubborn streak in me and I just wasn't ready to roll over and give in." 

Flash forward and Greg's is a success story.  His back has been pain free for over 14 years. The therapies and experts that used to be a regular part of his life are virtually not needed and he has had the least amount of injuries of any time in his life. "It's nice to feel and know that you can improve as you get older."  Greg's passion is helping people increase their vitality, comfort and resilience.  "It feels so good to have a person come off my table looking and feeling like a different person.  To being able to teach people how to maintain and improve themselves simply."  

"Our bodies are the vehicle that allow us to live our life.  They get taken for granted until they break down and then most people complain about them.  Where do you learn how to look after yourself?  To get in touch with your living body? We all can benefit from getting to know our living bodies better.  Your living body is your spirit, emotions, mind and body.  They are all connected but our education, research and therapeutic systems separate them to study and treat them.  Your movement is the common factor and communication system within all these systems. There is nothing more powerful than improving  your awareness, your movement and your ability to find your groove in life."  It allows people to look better and perform better but more so it helps people discover meaning, fulfillment and joy. 

What you get with Greg:

Someone who loves learning and sharing.

Someone who is great at simplifying the complexities of posture, movement, health and performance.

Someone who combines all the parts of yourself to help you become more whole

Someone who will teach you how to be more self maintaining and improving

Someone who wants to help you to improve.

Someone who is good at making things practical and enjoyable.

Someone who takes complex ideas, approaches, and systems and can simplify it- KISS

Someone who make things usable and doable.

Someone who takes the known best practices and builds on them

Someone who is great at seeing the connections and communicating them in an understandable way.

Someone who likes to find the flow and show how you can to. 

Someone who believes life is about joy and wants you to find it too. 

Someone who is dedicated to giving good value and results

Someone who believes life doesn’t have to be as hard as everyone keeps telling us it is.

Someone who is walking the talk.  Living the life

Someone who takes the critical principles and practices from varied disciplines and synthesizes it for you

Someone who will help you find a calm peaceful place in your brain and body.