Greg has worked in the business management, ownership and leadership since 1987.  He first started providing training and leading courses when he was 16 and 17.  Greg was the head swimming instructor and lifeguard for his local waterfront park.  He taught people how to swim from non- swimmers up to bronze medalion. He worked with children from the age of 2 up to adults.  He was also responsible all staff, equipment and safety. 

Greg completed one year of business administration program at Vancouver Island University.  He became a manager for a produce department in an independent grocery chain. Greg worked as a manager and director for a variety of produce departments for 8 years.  His department was consistently in the top for sales as well as net and gross margins.  Because of his talent, knowledge and results he got posted as director of the chains produce departments. 

The produce business is a fast paced, quality and customer service driven industry. Greg was responsible for all of the departments functioning.  He was responsible for hiring, firing, training, scheduling, buying, marketing, merchandising, safety, customer service, pricing, inventory as well as gross and net profit.  During his time as a produce manager and director Greg attended numerous conferences and training related to business leadership, communication, sales and marketing.  

In 1994 Greg had a back injury which eventually made him change careers.  He had had many sports related injuries during his life.  When he was not having success recovering from his two herniated discs and the medical experts were telling him, "you are getting older, you might have to learn to live with this",  he had the realization that he needed to start learning more about his body and how he could improve it.  Learning how to help people move their bodies better became his passion.  

Since 1997 Greg has been providing one-on-one rehabilitation, movement and exercise classes as well as consulting for businesses. Greg is a certified Hanna Somatic Educator and Myofascial Release therapist.  Over the years Greg has taken many trainings from Health Canada's Corporate Wellness model and computer and field ergonomics to early return to work and behaviour based safety.  His purpose is helping people and organizations "Release their Performance". 

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