Visually demonstrate different Grid, spectrums from recovery resilience performance and enjoy.

People come in at a different place, are capable of different amounts of movement and awareness. So for recovery have a line with the different parts that are involved with that. Pain management, four core movements, basic movement patterns, fundamental body mechanics, self-care, RICE, Basic somatic education, basic somatic awareness, so mojo fundamentals,
The most stripped-down version of recovery might be a hands-on or somatic fascial release and so mojo and body image training.  BIT is one of the awareness components. 

Awareness fundamentals:
Postural alignment, balance, Weight distribution, pelvis position, head position, elongated's spiine, BIT(Body image training), but position, shoulders.

For a handout or book, I can have it all listed out. For a quick reference or checklist, I could have an image of a body and the different cues or chips of the different parts of the body. 

For fundamental movement patterns I could have the same idea. Human movement patterns.  Standing, sitting, walking

flexion/extension/lateral flexion/rotation. crawling, running, agility, 

Critical tips or practices. I.e. – squatting weight on the heels, Dinosaur tail, heels into floor, tall head, alignment through feet, knees and hips. 
So mojo fundamentals: releasing, warming up, somatic exercises,  Maybe illustrating like a mind map would be better.


Torque fundamentals: butt torque, feet screw into floor, ab engagement, chest down to pelvis, head tall and aligned. 

"Absorb what is useful, discard what is useless and add what is essentially your own." Bruce Lee

Living vehicle efficiency. Help you get more mileage, more power, more efficiency, smoothness from your living body which is your vehicle in this life.  Specialize in efficiency and power production, or output

There are many different ways of training. This isn't just another method of working harder. But working smarter.
As with your present training methods releasing the tension, release power, releasing parasympathetic part of nervous system.

Come up with analogy, image or metaphor of how working with the parts leave us limited in improvements with pain, performance, prevention.  

When you start in the wrong place you can't get the desired results.  When you are only working the parts you aren't going to get desired results. 

You start off balance in the wrong position in the wrong place there is no way you are going to achieve your best results reach your goals or meet your expectations

Releasing your focus, your balance and your best self. When we don't work with the whole body- the living body it leaves us fragmented. You can't  get the most out of your training, your work, your time and your effort if you're fragmented.

Your posture, your position and your form really influence the outcome and execution of any skill or movement. Soma 4 living can help you get into the place we are going to maximize your potential and your input.

Put tangibles in with the phrase look better, feel better, perform better.
Feel better- move and live with less pain, feeling younger and stronger
Calmer- quiet and calm your mind so can focus more
Less pain, 
more satisfaction, 
more hope,
More control

Look better:
Stand taller
More centered
Better balance
Better agility