New Workshops by Greg Augustine. 

For the price of a 1/2 hour with a therapist, a good bottle of wine or taking the family to the movie, you can come and find out what makes your body tick.  Become your own best expert on how to reduce tension and pain, get tools for self-care, learn about the effects of stress and how to bounce back after injuries.  Greg distills complex information into simple, practical and applicable principles and practices that you can use for chronic pain, to prevent injuries, to "AgeProof your body", to perform better and to bring more joy into your life. 

Workshops in Duncan and Salt Spring Island 

Soma Somatics- learn simple ways of moving your body better, how to take some years off the way you feel and get back in the "Driver's seat" of your health, healing and performance. 

Bye-Bye Back Pain Blues- Back pain is the number one cause for missing work. Many people suffer needlessly.  Over the short term it can be annoying, but over the long term it will leave you feeling vulnerable, weak, tired, frustrated and down.  Don't let that be you. You will come away with tools to help recover from back pain and help prevent it from returning.  

99.9% of over a thousand workshop participants say they would recommend Greg's workshops to others.  


Workshop on Salt Spring island