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Add in to the Sport Performance part links to Soma 4 Sport, MFR, Somatics pages.  Put more on the Sport Performance page, some details about how I do it.  What I use etc. 

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Create a product out if each workshop. Price with it. Then when I schedule it I can put a discount on it if I want. To start to get feedback, create a furver & momentum 

Years of study of different disciplines to find the keys and universal princples to help you move and work safer, stronger etc. 

Compare to distilling. You have all these parts and you take out all the waste and impurities to create a finely crafted, tasty, powerful spirit of the original ingredients. Purifying and distilling numerous complicated systems, theories, practices down to their core principles and applicable disciplines (actions). Then putting them together into a powerful and potent system designed and distilled just for you.  A specialized spirit personalized for potency and practicality.  

Finding the common threads or ingredients and distilling them into simple applicable steps. 

Becoming a conusour of life & movement. 

We don't just need a method that gives more to do and where you have to work harder and take more time. We need the most intelligent and efficient systems, making the most of our time, getting the most benefits, that align with our way of living life, that are practical that are versatile, that can be adapted, that help us improve our whole living body,  Somalia Wine expert, Chef- food expert- what about a Soma expert?

Building warrior. I could put each of the workshops on individually over the year. Each mode as a part of the whole. People can buy by each or as a whole. Build value added in for warrior commitment. 

Warrior code 

Listen to your life. Learn from it. Don't worry about doing enough. Just Wake up!

Use ideas from Disney ergo company & shoulder program in identifying with parts of a circle. 
Soma- neuro
Mfr releasing
Awareness- adapt & learn
Tools- Somojo 

4 Corner Stones > critical practices > Pillars > 

SoMoflo: Pandiculation, Stretching, movement, Releasing

Somatic education: Soma Living body, psychology, physiology, kineisology, how trauma effects us, stress effects us, breath, movements, sensory, reflexes, intention

Somatic awareness:  Internal and External, Subjective and Objective

Soma Accelerated Training- "Hands on"- (or something better) 

iAim can be the quick assessment tool.  

Marketing: prevention posture performance maybe productivity. Use those to explain why, how and what.  

Rehabilitation or Therapy are part of it. But the education, prevention are huge part of it as well. \

Like the different components to releasing your living body. Stretching is a huge component and critical practice. It's just the perspective, perception and intention that we bring to it makes a big difference. Clarifying labels. Therapeutic pain

Ball work, rollers, trigger point, centering girls so critical practices. I guess maybe that's what I should have the nine critical practices or something like that. Work in the intention and goalsetting. Creating joy.  Maybe it could 4 and then go deeper and 2 on each one.   So that would layer it 4 on first level and 2 more on next level. So that would make 8 critical practices.  I could put it as the parts of the circle/sphere.

Releasing and letting go of the ultimate goals. Letting go of your mental stuff, your emotional stuff your physical stuff given your spiritual stuff. Releasing your baggage. Releasing your habits that are serving you. Releasing the physical patterns

I can call the hands-on training, therapy etc. Soma performance system SPS. It could be S our S for soma resilience system, soma recovery system.

Put tangibles in with the phrase look better, feel better, perform better.
Feel better
Calm her
Less pain, 
more satisfaction, 
more hope,
More control

Look better:
Stand taller
More centered
Better balance
Better agility

iPhone note: Marketing 2014: Centred make a Blog article
Life pulls us out a lot. Good and bad stress of their effects. Place always changing so to be in balance all the time is really fell asleep. One of the most important processes become more knowledgeable and aware of where centre is in any moment. Center is where work home, balance, powerful, intelligent.  It's finding balance in motion.

Theme centered is a process of being grounded. But also being adaptable. That is where our mobility and Agility come from. That is when we have the most finely tuned, quickest and most appropriate reflexes.

Being centered allows us to be aware.  To be centered you have to be aware. The two go hand-in-hand. Some people are fortunate and just have any ability of being centered for some activities, some parts of life. But generally speaking these are a rarity.    Being centered feels right. Feels like home. This out so we were supposed to be. Been centered allows us to be calm and assertive. To be assertive, requires not being caught in fear. Fear makes us tighten up & overreact. Throws us off around balance and centeredness. 

Too much negative stress and the resulting reflexive tention patterns put us into an overprotective fearful mode. And make us extremely guarded and withdrawn.  Too much you stress or good stress. Maybe positive stress is a better term. Can make us cocky, overconfident and get so stuck in a pattern of potentially conceded.

Life is movement. Movement is a flow of energy and all kinds of different forms. There is basically putting out of energy and a withdrawal of energy. That's constantly going on in our lives. Most people don't recognize that exchange of energy. Don't recognize how they've gotten stuck in certain patterns that strip their energy, that are always taxing their system.  Getting caught in fight/flight mode, nervous system gets stuck in sympathetic hyperdrive gear, Or it is stuck in freeze mode so it works against your best efforts to try and improve and reach your goals.