Because he has limited clinical sessions available.  Please click this link to get  simple application form.    Fill in and email to Greg.  Greg or one of his staff will get back to you within 48 hours. 

What happens in a session?

You are in charge:  When you come and see Greg for private training everything is oriented around you being in control.  if anything hurts, or seems to difficult that let Greg know wo both of you can evaluated. 

Time: Private session length can vary 30- 90 minutes but on average is based on 60 minutes slots with approximately 50- 55 minutes of session time. 

Personal Assessment and Planning:  An individual treatment session can vary but usually runs just under an hour.   Greg will begin by conducting an assessment of a variety of health performance indicators.  Posture, movement, pain patterns and more are used as indicators to develop a treatment, training and action plan personalized to you.   

“Hands-on” Performance Therapy  advanced techniques that get to the root cause and work with the whole body Throughout the course of your session, you will learn to increase muscle control, reduce pain and improve your ability to perform movements in your life.  

Life Success Training: Education, Guidance, Coaching & Support:  The positions and activities you spend the most time influence your posture and movement restrictions.  Your upbringing and life-learning influences your habits and limiting beliefs/behaviors. Recognizing these physical, mental, emotional and movement patterns are critical to creating new ways of moving living and being.  You will learn how to move more efficiently, with more power so you can perform better in all facets of your life, as well as reduce the risk of injury in your activities of daily living. 

Pics of people on computers, Luke carving, playing an instrument, sewing etc. 

Exercises, Stretching and Neuromuscular Retraining Greg will teach you and guide you through stretches, exercises and neuromuscular movements for the quickest and longest lasting results. Add in here SoMoJO. 

Welcome to our clinic-(Make intro link and separate page)

Safe and convenient parking.You don’t have to look for parking, pay for parking or park and walk 1/2 a mile.  You don’t have to worry about your vehicle getting broken into, your personal safety or being being asked for money as we provide free, safe, close and convenient parking.

Somatic Fascial Release???

Soma Private session selections (services)

20 minute Somatic adjustment.  A quick tune up for people who are already familiar with Greg’s Soma 4 living system and who are active in their own pain and performance management. 

Assessment: Postural, movement, pain causes, tension patterns

Somatic education & Training: 

Tune up: 60 minute session 

Relaxation Massage 60- 90 minutes of part of or whole body massage bliss

Performance:  For athletes looking for a combination of mental somatic training, “hands on”, and reinforcement movements, stretches. 


Phone consultations:

Video consultations:

Soma to Go:

What happens in a session?  Narrate following part and just put a few words, with pics and maybe video.  Put these parts on a PDF form to send out to people as a part of a pre-session protocol or process. 

Intake form

  • History, challenges, traumas,

  • Dialogue, communication > communication preferences

  • Goal setting- Intentional AIM

  • Postural assessment

  • Functional & Clinical assessment

  • Soma 4 Living work/life training & tips

  • Education and engagement

  • Soma performance system "Hands on" training

  • Soma Recovery system "Hands on" rehabilitation