Life, aging and time has ways of diminishing our energy and our ability to move, work and play.

There are simple ways of turning the balance back in your favour.  Where did you learn how to live life? Where did we learn how stress effects us? How to deal with stress effectively?  What's the difference between good and bad stress? What to do about old injuries that still leave us in pain or limit our comfort, movement and enjoyment.  Why is anxiety so common?  How you can calm your overactive mind?  Who teaches us how to relax? How we can find an easier way of living? How can we move with grace and power even as we age?

These questions remind us that we are not really taught how to deal with many repetitive, common, stresses and challenges that we face everyday in our lives. When you stop and take a look at all  of the physical, emotional and mental pain and dysfunction in society and how much it is costing our medical system and us as individuals, families and communities it becomes obvious there is need for some new life skills. We have been taught it is daunting, that we don't have much control, that it's someone else expertise to fix us and that it is difficult and complicated.     

Well it doesn't have to be difficult but it does take a desire and some dedication. No two people are the same, so it is important to find what works for you.  To start to create a toolbox of principles, skills and actions that work for you.  That you can use in different applications or situations and that you can use to start to build foundational skills, so you can be continually improving to the degree you want to and have time for at this moment in time. 

Some workshops are scheduled as there is enough interest, others are scheduled once or twice a year.  To find out when a workshop is next being offered or to put your name on a interested list please email us. Please put what workshop you are interested in, in the subject line.



Soma 2 Go-  If you want to bring a Soma 4 Living trainer and workshop to you please email and put Soma 2 Go in the subject line.  If you are interested in organizing a training in your gym, studio, town or business contact us for details of how we can help you and how you can benefit from being a Soma 2 Go host. 

We have distilled the most powerful tools for you. 

All workshops leave you with the best practices, the latest science and research and practical tools for improving your pain and performance.  We look at and work with ergonomics, body mechanics, posture, prevention, movement, the brain/body connection, fascia and somatic education.  We have taken years of research, training, education and practice and distilled into a simple, applicable and powerful approach to help you be your best self. To help you find flow and fulfillment in life.  To help you "Release your Mojo."

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Comfort @ Work Basics

Being able to prevent or recover from pain and injuries is critical to being able to get and maintain employment.  Organizations are getting more selective when hiring.  They know the cost that is involved when hiring someone with a history of back pain, injuries or physical limitations. Arm yourself with knowledge and tools to get employed, stay employed and work safely and intelligently. 

  • Finding Neutral- This intro goes through the basics of Injury Prevention. Learn how you can minimize your risk of injuries and pain. You will learn a 5-minute daily movement routine called the “quick cat stretch” - Note: This a prerequisite for the rest of the Comfort @ Work series.

  • Seated SoMojo- Sitting for long periods is common. Studies have shown it strips our energy, increases risk of pain and injury and reduces longevity. Take control and get your Mojo back. Learn movements, stretches and self care techniques to stay comfortable, loose and centred.- Great for people who spend a lot of time sitting.

  • Ergo-Aware- Ergonomics is important as well as body awareness to prevent injuries for computer users. Ergo set-up will be discussed and you will learn self care techniques, seated exercises, body awareness tips. (Chair set and ErgoAware are provided together for a more thorough workshop)

  • Chair Set-up- If you spend most or all day sitting it is important to make sure your chair is set-up to help you sit right and maintain your comfort.

  • Centered Action/ Workplace Warrior- How we stand, bend and lift makes a big difference on our strength and power. Everyone has heard “Use your legs not your back,” but few apply it. This class will leave you with the motivation and understanding to use simple principles and practices to get more strength and power without pain or injury.


Release your Performance series

  4 Pain Management, Injury Prevention and Performance

  • Release your Back Recovery- Learn the best ways to move and improve your back and spine. A strong and flexible back can be yours for a lifetime. For people with sore, stiff or painful backs.

  • Release your Back Performance- Building on the prerequisite "Release your Back Recovery" course we go farther into gaining tools for core control and intelligence, spinal stability and how to improve the performance of your back and body.

  • Release your Head and Neck Tension & Performance- Learn the best ways to move and improve your neck and head comfort and mobility. Enjoy mental clarity with less neck tension and headaches. For people with sore, stiff or painful necks, shoulders, heads or eyes.

  • Release your Shoulder, Arm and Hand Tension & Performance - Learn the best ways to move and improve your hands and arms. Keep your hands healthy and strong. For people with sore, stiff or painful hands, arms or shoulders. Also applicable for computer users, artists, knitters, musicians etc.

  • Release your Hip, Leg and Foot Comfort and Performance- Learn the best ways to move and improve your legs and feet. Great for walkers, runners or people with leg and foot pain.

Release your Best Self

  • Movement Meditation- Many people have busy minds that won’t shut off. This reduces your creativity, communication and energy. Using your body, breath and movement you can find easy ways to quiet your mind so you can release your fullest creativity and energy.

  • Introduction to Somatics- Somatics is a neuromuscular system for performance, pain relief, rehabilitation and comfortable aging. Learn about the 4 pillars of Somatics- education, movements, awareness and hands-on neuromuscular training.

  • Somatic Exercises- Somatic exercises are gentle flowing movements to help retrain your brain and neuromuscular control. It helps you relax, decrease tension, improve your awareness and start to move better.

  • SoMojo- Get your Mojo back. Your living body is amazing. For many people it gets stuck, restricted and old. SoMojo gets your life energy flowing again by releasing the wisdom within you. It is fusion of the safest, most effective practices of working with the living body. It works with the brain, the muscles, your awareness, your connective tissue and your fascia.

  • AgeProof your Body- Release your Youthful You- Too many people look and move older than they need to. Don’t let this be you. You will learn tools to help you feel and move better regardless of your age.

  • Planning for a Healthy Retirement- Wealth isn’t much without health. Learn ways to get and stay happy and healthy when preparing for an enjoyable retirement.

  • Nutrition Basics- What we eat is what we are. Learn about the basics of nutrition and where you can find more specific information for your needs.

Stress & Assertiveness

  • Release your Stress- Stress is neither good nor bad. Learn what is important about stress and how you can improve the way you deal with it.

  • Assertiveness in Action- Learn the key elements of assertiveness and gain tools to respond in a constructive, respectful and assertive manner. Be bold.

Releasing your Sport Performance

  • Release your Running Performance - Running is a great form of exercise but many runners suffer from pain and imbalances. Discover ways to keep the pain away, reduce risk of injury and improve your stride.

  • Release your Golf Performance- Golfers will spend all kinds of money trying different kinds of equipment and techniques. However the most important piece of equipment is your body. Learn easy and quick ways to improve your brain and body so you can set-up, swing and score better.

  • The Wonders of Walking- Walking is our most natural movement. Just about everyone can do it but many people get caught in imbalances and holding patterns that become “normal” but restrict the fluidity, enjoyment and benefits of walking. Get the most out of every step you take.

  • The Maximizer- Learn more advanced principles and movements that help you maximize the way you perceive and move your “Soma” or living body. Help yourself find ways of creating more effortless power rather than powerless effort.