If you are looking for someone who can connect, engage and inspire your people Greg’s your guy.  Greg creates the environment where people are entertained as they learn and get inspired.  Whether it is a keynote for your conference or as a corporate retreat or motivational event you and your people will be pleased you brought in Greg Augustine from Soma 4 Living.

> Release your business performance

> Release your inspiration and motivation

> Release your staff performance




Staff Retreats

Master of Ceremonies

In his words....

"Greg's has been doing presentations and trainings for our staff for 6+ years and it is the most positively received of any training we do for our staff"

Jim , CRD Parks Manager






99.9% of workshop participants said they would recommend the training to someone else. 

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In Greg's words....

“I have an ability to engage, entertain and empower people.  My passion is to help people and organizations improve their health and performance .  I speak a language that people can relate to. My message usually motivates participants to release the best in themselves.  I welcome the opportunity to assist your organization in finding greater prevention, productivity and performance.”

Greg AugustineSoma 4  Living

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In his words....

“Greg’s workshops have been the most positively received by both management and employees that I have seen in the three years I have been with the company.”  

Kamy Akhaven, Supervisor, McMaster Carr, Los Angeles

Workshops and Staff Training

All of our workshops and training are designed to be practical and applicable.  Participant engagement, entertainment and interaction are built in.  Greg and Denise have been designing workshops and presentations for over 30 years and use the best practices and proven methodologies to improve physical and mental capacity that can be immediately utilized.   

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Training is an investment in your business success.

Training is an investment but not all trainings are equal or as beneficial.  It is money well spent when your people come out with tools and knowledge that can be applied right away.  When your people get engaged in the process, when they can relate to the stories and information and when they start to take ownership over there own success.  We have worked with challenging and complacent workforces and pride ourselves on our ability to reach these audiences as well as the ones who come eager to learn and grow.