1. Look up Tweaking search engines SEO  (To find a site map to to http://greg-augustine.squarespace.com/sitemap.xml) 

2. Blog or Pages on performance and Pain. Different types of pain.  Shoulders, Back, hip, foot, headaches. Making it easy for older people to navigate and find. 

3. Look up/Learn about blogging and side columns

4. Learn about RSS feeds


Website steps:

Website steps:


Website Launch Project

1. Figure out Contacts problem- Preparation- done

2. Delete contacts from previous email Preparation- done

3. Finalize Launch email (MailChimp) and FaceBook strategy.  Preparation

 4. Launch Website announcement-  Execution 



http://www.anderson-ergo.ca/index.html some ideas on wording and on front page she has call for a quote.  FHP forward head posture-  I will name the Vulcher, or the Hunch



Sales presentation 
Warrior notes
Website words
Ageproof notes
Marketing & ideas

Start Products page

I can put private sessions on there to start off with.  

I can also put on Finding Neutral CD

Intro SoMojo's & workshops.  Schedule for year.  -

Each workshop with a picture > make it like a poster- when they click on it- it enlarges

  • Dental assistants > Secretary's day, Gardening, Skiing series, - if they go > great - it they don't then I will still be getting word and perception out there of the variety of work I do.


Add later > SSCT  Soma Somatics Certification Training- Professional Trainings: Create and link to HP workshops

  • Introduction > Fundamentals > Core Principles- Workshop like essential somatics

  • SoMojo> Somatic exercises, Movements, explorations

  • Clinical Soma Somatics > H.O. 

    • Present the idea of soma 2 go.

Include Quotes in different parts of the website. Maybe create graphic or put quote in an image. 

Jenny's feedback:

Check Picture file size.  Some load slow.  i.e.-Me talking with max and older gal

Highest value Real Estate.   Take out some of the blocks on Top of home page. Done

Rules for headers and Fonts- Capitlization use wisely and intentionally.  don't make it interrupt flow of reader of message you want reader to get. 

4 Work- workshops

- editing content.  

- email us for Unique Value added information

- add quote:

- hidden risk factors, best tools, best practices, - NM, etc. 





Go thru photos and save to proper files

Find River photo shoot.  CD


save them all in designated sizes.


Edits: 4Work Gold logo

Put pics of clinic sign on contact page. -Done


Soma 4 Golf Performance

Golf Wording

Golf Pictures

Gather- Client photos before & after and add a few into website- maybe rotate them every two months. 

Keynote: 4 Living



Narration notes

Audio Narration recording




Keynote: 4 Work-


  • visible and invisible costs,

  • it is the law, liability, production, prevention, business write off, investment in business success,  


  • Stats- Proof that it is a problem. People are at risk. effects all parts of their life

  • Stories/Testimonial - Maybe read off part of testimonial as the words are up on screen

  • Pics

  • Music

  • Services

  • Greg- Testimonials -Slideshow illustrating different things I do and different looks I have.

Wording ideas: comparing- a busy body's Chatter to SMA.  Somebody who is always talking or nagging. We just get used to it.  We tune it out.  It might be like an irritation that we just get used to. The tension that is a big part of SMA is kind of like that.  It happens over time.  You don't really know what to do about.  It feels like you don't  have much control. So you just put up with it.  And kind of tune out to it.  We are distracted 

Comparing a brand new smooth and powerful vehicle to an old beater.  Volkswagen Bug

ADD IN: Add in under clinical as well as about Greg. Workshops that I have written, created and presented