home page Copy- “You’ve got back pain? Let me help you get moving with confidence again”

You’ve got pain? We have solutions.

Pain getting you down? We can get you back in the game.

You have pain. We can get you back in the game.

If your pain leaving you lame? Let us help you get back in the game.


  1. “Relationship in Trouble? Let’s get your Love life back on Track.”

  2. “Get the passionate, playful relationship you want. I’ll show you how.”

  3. “Need relationship help? Let me help you get your love back on track”

  1. Dec. 18th 2018

Questions Home Page needs to answer:

  1. What is it you do? >>>>> Solutions for their Pain

  2. How can it help me? >>>> Out of Pain- Back in the Game!

  3. How much does it cost? >>>>> Prices and Packages- cost vs. value

  4. How do I sign up? >>>>>> Book now buttons

  5. Why you? >>>>> been there done that, Soma, MFR, Pandiculation

  6. What’s involved? >>>>> call, email, assessment, hands on work, active living & pain prevention tips, movements and exercises.

  7. What can it help with? Ailments? >>>>> Back pain, plantar fasciitis tendonitis, neck pain, headaches, balance issues, etc

Figure out which pages should be a part of navigation and which parts on V/Blog?


Pages to check out: for words to to Link (Save time)

  • Health Services for you

  • Why Greg?

  • FAQ’s Private session

Ang & Greg Hammy .jpg

What happens in a private session

Finish Video & put it in here rather than an image or have a thumbnail from video and put video on page it links to.

B & W Greg & Ang.jpg

What types of injuries can you help?

Ash Track.jpg

Can it help my Performance?

Under what type of injuries can you help- leave that on home page but have specific types of injuries in blog or vlog.

Quick steps:

  1. Delete Back Pain Specialist page- no info in it. - Done

  2. Contact Page- form not working MailChimp deactivated my account. I emailed to find out what’s going on Jan 16 2019

  3. Put Give-away on Home Page- have to get things with Mail Chimp confirmed first. - Put newsletter sign up on Home Page. Need to schedule Newsletter now.

  4. Sign up with Mail Chimp again. Done- I signed up with MailChimp March 26 2019

  1. Create and Edit Private sessions page

  2. Tighten up wording on home page. For each section. i.e.- boxes- titles, sub-titles.

  3. FAQ pages for each section to link to from Footer

  4. Private session link - create an entrance page- Write up paragraph (overview of what I do- SOMA Somatics) > Testimonials > Picture Links to MFR and Somatics

  5. Review Blog home page- wording, me description, link to Magic Move etc.

  6. KISS- 4-Work - a simple page with workshops & presentations for - more info & workshop outlines email: - Greg is not taking any consulting contracts. to inquire phone.

  7. blog- look up publishing when building website and summary block I’m guessing you can’t put blog posts in a summary block unless they have been published. - have blog post summary block on home page? -Done

  8. Write, edit and post articles on the term Release or releasing, Pandiculation 1st, then do separate articles on type of Pandiculation, Groove. Life is Movin and Groovin, Flow? (Already in Life Performance)

  9. Look up to Questions above to make sure they are all covered on home page.

  10. Blog titles. Make them better- Blog posts will be the content of the newsletter.

  11. Wording review check documents already written out- Waste no Time! Website Words 2014

  12. check out Pages I already have on site- Links to ones that I don’t know are listed.

  1. Look up Tweaking search engines SEO  (To find a site map to to http://greg-augustine.squarespace.com/sitemap.xml) 

  2. Blog or Pages on performance and Pain. Different types of pain.  Shoulders, Back, hip, foot, headaches. Making it easy for older people to navigate and find. 

  3. Look up/Learn about blogging and side columns- Done

  4. Learn about RSS feed

  5. Find out about "#hashtags and how to use them.


blogging tips and reminders:

create a Blog titled regular page with a summary block on Home/Index page.

Have actual Blog page unlinked or in secondary navigation I think. Video referring to this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EgQSZgbxlH0

Blogging on Brine template




  1. List building - Giveaway - Newsletter- Blog and Vlog

    • Blog- Relationships- email address- building community-

  2. Private clients- get people to Book an Assessment/session

  3. Sell Products

  4. book Speaking engagements

2019 Year of Creation, Action, Completion

Website Launch:- free session giveaways on FB and Instagram if you share

  • Add on 20 minute or 1/2 hour pricing- Entry level.

  • Get some Merch done up- Aj and give it away if you share.

Website Videos and Products created:

  • James RAM upgrade

  • Beach Release- different name?

  • Quick Cat Stretch

  • 4D Dextor Dawg & the Dojo- need to figure out how Augie Dawg and 4D and S4L connect and function.

    • in Evernote

      • 4D Vlog Channel Creation

      • 4D Dextor, Dawg and the Dojo wording and planning

  • Back Pain Blues- bye-bye Video Program

  • Musician’s Movement Magic- Video program for Musicians - Core, upper body, posture, sitting form, standing form, shoulders, arms, hands- Stretching and Movements- SO-MOflo

Speaking engagements?

Augie Dawg in Progress:

  • Back Pain Blues song recorded

    • finishing touches

  • Back Pain Blues Music Video created

    • Band recording done

    • Storyline figured out

    • Storyline recorded

  • Back Pain Blues Promoted

    • Alert- recording song- instagram, FB, email?

    • Post pictures every 2-3 days

    • recording music video

SOMA 4 LIVING in Progress:

  • Website

  • Blog articles

Vlog Video Posts-

Dawg Dojo- SoMoflo Dojo-get a presence on Youtube

  • start video blog

SOMA 4 LIVING- Each article could have a video counter part.

  • Pain topics- list I have created

  • Performance- Life performance

  • Tools 4 You

  • Releasing

  • Groove

  • Pandiculation


Pandiculation Writing

Augie Dawg Live Performances

  • Music Video Release Party

  • Wine Bar show

  • 39 Days of July

Dextor Dawg & the Dojo is Augie Dawg’s online presence? Dawg Dojo -

  • SoMoflo- Motion is the Lotion

  • Augie Dawg- Music


Website Launch Project

1. Figure out Contacts problem- Preparation- done

2. Delete contacts from previous email Preparation- done

3. Finalize Launch email (MailChimp) and FaceBook strategy.  Preparation

 4. Launch Website announcement-  Execution 



http://www.anderson-ergo.ca/index.html some ideas on wording and on front page she has call for a quote.  FHP forward head posture-  I will name the Vulcher, or the Hunch




  1. Sales presentation 

  2. Warrior notes

  3. Website words

  4. Ageproof notes

  5. Marketing & ideas

  6. Pandiculation

Start Products page

I can put private sessions on there to start off with.  

I can also put on Finding Neutral CD

Intro SoMojo's & workshops.  Schedule for year.  -

Each workshop with a picture > make it like a poster- when they click on it- it enlarges

  • Dental assistants > Secretary's day, Gardening, Skiing series, - if they go > great - it they don't then I will still be getting word and perception out there of the variety of work I do.


Add later > SSCT  Soma Somatics Certification Training- Professional Trainings: Create and link to HP workshops.

Could have a Nav. link- called Trainings and Workshops?

Health Professional (online or in- person)

Public- (online or in- person)

Industry specific i.e. dental hygienists? What to call this category? - Don’t get caught up with perfect names- Not major focus of Sales

  • Introduction > Fundamentals > Core Principles- Workshop like essential somatics

  • SoMojo> Somatic exercises, Movements, explorations

  • Clinical Soma Somatics > H.O. 

    • Present the idea of soma 2 go.

Include Quotes in different parts of the website. Maybe create graphic or put quote in an image. 

Jenny's feedback:

Check Picture file size.  Some load slow.  i.e.-Me talking with max and older gal

Highest value Real Estate.   Take out some of the blocks on Top of home page. Done

Rules for headers and Fonts- Capitlization use wisely and intentionally.  don't make it interrupt flow of reader of message you want reader to get. 

4 Work- workshops

- editing content.  

- email us for Unique Value added information

- add quote:

- hidden risk factors, best tools, best practices, - NM, etc. 





Go thru photos and save to proper files

Find River photo shoot.  CD


save them all in designated sizes.


Edits: 4Work Gold logo

Put pics of clinic sign on contact page. -Done


Soma 4 Golf Performance

Golf Wording

Golf Pictures

Gather- Client photos before & after and add a few into website- maybe rotate them every two months. 

Keynote: 4 Living



Narration notes

Audio Narration recording




Keynote: 4 Work-


  • visible and invisible costs,

  • it is the law, liability, production, prevention, business write off, investment in business success,  


  • Stats- Proof that it is a problem. People are at risk. effects all parts of their life

  • Stories/Testimonial - Maybe read off part of testimonial as the words are up on screen

  • Pics

  • Music

  • Services

  • Greg- Testimonials -Slideshow illustrating different things I do and different looks I have.


"Even though I know a lot about back care and have good personal awareness I still experience the odd bad period of low back pain from an old injury. I've seen all kinds of therapists and know lots of exercises and stretches but sometimes I still have a bad spell. Recently, after suffering a few months of low back pain with no improvement I went and seen Greg. Within one session I was standing straighter and walking easier with a substantial reduction in pain. After a few more sessions I have been feeling great, balanced, much stronger and pain free again. I believe Greg's Integrated Somatic approach is a vital key to effective and long-term rehabilitation. "