What a gift it is to be able to move our bodies well and perform at a high level.  It looks and feels so good when someone performs at a top level in any sport.   How is your performance?  Are you trying to maximize your potential as an athlete or are you trying to come back to a previous level of performance after an injury or setback?  We can help speed up the process, maximize your effort and time and maintain your most elite level of performing.  We will help you compete and perform your best regardless of your history and age. 

Release your Speed & Reflexes

Release your Strength & Power

Release your Readiness & Resilience


Even if we are vigilant it can happen to us. We can start to lose our hard earned or natural ability to perform at the level we are used to. Sometimes it is just plain neglect or abuse other times, despite our best efforts, we start to lose our ability to perform well.  We have been taught; you just need to work harder. Hard work, dedication, commitment are all important practices and virtues, but, what if there is more to it than that? What if there are ways of getting more benefit from our hard work? What if our hard work is creating some of our problems? What if you could move with more ease, efficiency and intelligence?  What if you could create more flow and power and access that "flow state" more often?  Come and find out how you can release your true athlete, dancer, warrior or goddess.  

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We are at a place like never before.  We have access to so much information, to so many disciplines and experts.  While there is all of this opportunity there is also the flip side of the coin.  Information overload, conflicting approaches, not enough time in the day to do it all. Finding the tools and information that work for us as individuals that fit with our personality and realities of our life, work and sport demands are our most critical mission.   If you aren't working with the neuromuscular or Somatics system then you are leaving performance possibilities on the sidelines.  If you aren't working with the Myofascial system then you are limiting the benefits of your training and hard work. Get the latest proven knowledge, best practices, quickest tools and simplest most effective ways of improving your posture, prevention and performance. 

Balance, stability, agility, speed, reflexes, coordination, power & endurance are just some of the qualities a person needs to perform their best.  There are many isolated ways of working with these different skills, however if a person's neuromuscular system and fascial system have learned faulty patterns, have gotten restricted or stuck it is going to effect your ability to achieve your best performance. 

When you work with Soma 4 Living you learn core principles and transferable skills to compliment and enhance any of the other approaches you are using. You will come away with the knowledge and awareness that will benefit your competitive sports as well as the rest of the activities you love to do. 

The Joy of Performing Well. 

Is performing still fun for you? True performance is where we are operating at a high level and actually enjoying the process. Unfortunately this seems to be a rare occurrence.  It is possible to have fun and perform well.  With all the time you spend trying to be the best you can be, why not find the ways of making if fun again.  When things are fun, we are more intrinsically motivated, we are more focused and we are more able to find that place of flow.  All of these factors are key to a high performance life.