How long has it been since your golf game has improved?

How much is that back, shoulder, hip or wrist pain holding you back?

You may have tried to change your swing or bought new clubs; maybe you’ve tried a few different aids or gimmicks to improve your game but has there been the long-term results?

> Release your Club Head Speed

> Release your Balance & Power

> Release your Back Pain & Resilience

The swing, the contact and ultimately the score are all influenced by our most important asset- our bodies.  Our bodies are designed to move, to be aligned and in balance but many people lose or forget these natural attributes and how important they are.  Aging, injuries, stress, traumas and even our therapies all play a role in this dis-association and forgetting of how we are meant to stand, move and take action effectively.    We get into the habit of having excessive tension, imbalances, poor coordination, weakness and poor posture. The brain starts to think it’s normal to hold the spine and the body out of whack. 

It happens gradually and pretty soon we just get used to our current levels of functioning so much, so that it feels normal and maybe even comfortable.  To change this we need to go back to the core and the control centre.  Not just the muscles and support network of our body but to the control centre; our sensory/motor or Central Nervous System, our body awareness, muscle balance, static posture, dynamic posture and neuromuscular control need to be worked with to access more of our true potential.  Then you can get the most of all your tools, your equipment, your environment and ultimately your body.

Practice puts brains in your muscles. - Sam Snead

Club head speed, balance, power, posture, form and flexibility can all be improved.  Fortunately you can improve them all with something relatively simple.  The great part is it can help other parts of your life as well. Movement gets stuck in our bodies.  Aging, old injuries, chronic pain, stress, busy life and busy mind all end up creating a tension in your body that reduces your ability to move and perform.  Because it usually happens gradually over time we don't notice it that much until it accumulates.  

Greg Augustine gets you moving better; more balanced, looser, more centred, more power and more comfort.  He works with the muscles of your body but that isn't where or why the real changes happen.  It is because he works with what controls the muscles and bones.  The brain and the nervous system and the fascial system. 

The brain and nervous system have two main ways of working.  They have an automatic or autonomic component and a voluntary or cortical component. Most people get stuck in patterns that the brain has gotten used to.  Some are oriented around protecting ourselves from pain and injury, some are created by the work we do, some are because of the positions we spend the most time in, some are because of complacent or busy distracted and stressful lives.   Our brains learn through repetition, so whatever the cause, the reactions of the brain and nervous system start to get learned and eventually become the default pattern.  

The result of this is poor posture, chronic tension, hip imbalances, pelvis and spinal misalignment, restricted movement, poor flexibility, reduced co-ordination and overall reductions in ability to perform. Thankfully it doesn't need to be difficult to change and improve.  To feel younger again.  Maybe even better than when you were younger.  Combine your previous golf experience, your golf professionals guidance, with Greg's wisdom of how to get your living body moving better, stronger and easier.  

Greg provides clinical and performance based "hands on" training and he teaches you simple practices that you can do for yourself to start getting the most out of your swing, game and life. 

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