Soma Somatics


"If life means movement, and death means non-movement , then more movement means more life and less movement means less life..."

Soma Somatics is a powerful system to help relieve back pain, prevent injuries and improve posture, movement and performance.

Soma Somatics works with the control centre, your brain and nervous system. By working with the control centre we can start getting to the real causes of your pain, tension and reduced quality of life and performance.  It works with the whole system, our living body to help bring about immediate improvement as well as long lasting and sustainable results.  Teaching you how to become your own best expert in your health, movement, aging, joy and performance.   



The liquid web that surrounds, protects and nourishes every structure in our living body.

It wraps around our bones, brain, nervous system, muscles, organs and everything else in our living body! Our back muscles, spine, joints all the way down to every cell is encased and controlled by Fascia

Making sure it is unrestricted and functioning well allows your brain and body to thrive. 


Back Pain


Greg has the knowledge and experience to help you get out of pain now and prevent pain from coming back. Back pain strips our ability to move and perform. Get back more of your youthful resilience.