Release Your Awarenes

"If life means movement, and death means non-movement , then...more movement means more life and ...less movement means less life...A diminished capacity for movement is equivalent to diminished life." --Thomas Hanna

Somatics works with the control centre. Your brain and nervous system.  It works with how the brain and the body are connected.  It works with the whole system, the living body.  There are four main components to Somatics: a system of education, a system of awareness, a "hands on" therapeutic system, and a system of intelligent movement.  It isn't just a therapy but it has profound therapeutic benefits.  It isn't just education but it is the missing link in education and recovery.  It isn't just a form of exercise but it is a way of rediscovering our own healing capacity and really improving our own self-regulation, self balancing and self improvement.  It isn't just a method of awareness but it helps us get in touch with and utilize our system for having choice and control in our lives.  It works with the living body or as the old greek word; Soma- the living body as experienced from within. 

The simplest and most complete book written on Somatics by Dr. Thomas Hanna.