At Soma 4 Living,  Soma is a systematic approach to health and performance.  If you always look at something as being fragmented or just looking at parts of the whole, it soon becomes impossible to see how it is all connected- how it works, communicates and performs together.  Soma 4 living helps you actualize the statement “the whole is more than the sum of it’s parts”.  We help you bring all the parts together; working, communicating and performing their best.  When you work with your Soma it opens up possibilities for changes and improvements in all facets of your life.  Find comfort, fulfillment and joy again. 

"Man the living creature, the creating individual is always more important than any established style or system"

- Bruce Lee

The word Soma comes from the ancient Greek definition:

“the living body as experienced from within”  


Your living body is all of you.  No one else has experienced life through your living body except you.  It is your entire being.  It is the life force that gives you life and breath. It connects everything in a living bundle of moving energy.  

Every thought, emotion, injury, and demand in your life influences your living body.  They create the movement patterns and restrictions that become you. When helping a person heal working with the living body allows you to get to the root causes of your situation, gives you long term success and makes it easy for continued improvement in all areas of your life.  

Training, overtraining, stretching, stress, and injuries all effect your living body.  When helping someone tweak their performance working with the living body can mean more speed, endurance, power and residence.  When you get all the parts working together training becomes more efficient and personal bests become more numerous.  Rest and recovery become more effective and you can start to utilize your full mental and physical prowess. 

Many training and rehabilitation approaches just work with the parts, the joints, muscles mindset, psychology,and symptoms.  Working with your whole self can help you improve your ability to focus, to stay calm under pressure, to let go of anxiety, and to be fully awake and energized. You become the determinant of your own potential. You can then utilize all the experts, coaches, science or therapist and get the most benefit from them. 

Working with the parts and symptoms leaves you with short term and limited  improvements if any.  It can be the difference between success and motivation to frustration., fatigue and complacency.   The difference between short term and isolated improvement to gaining tools and principles that can be tweaked and refined for a lifetime. The difference between “giving a person a fish or teaching them how to fish”.  

Most therapies work with a body or body parts.  You have knee pain so they work on the knee.  Makes sense on the surface but when you start to look at how the living body (soma) works you realize the limitations of this kind of approach.  Pain is a symptom but where we feel pain and where the cause of the pain is can be different.  Looking at how the living body operates, communicates and thrives gives us a very different picture.  

 Thomas Hanna the author and creator of Somatics referred to Soma as "the living body as experienced from within" .  No person and no machine can sense inside your body and create improvement except you.  You can wake up that ability to help you create more joy in your life.  More personal power, better movement, more calmness and your regain your authentic self and innate wisdom.  

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Leaders of successful organizations recognize the “whole is more than the sum of its parts”.  That to be resilient, competitive and adaptable they need to get all the departments seeing, moving and taking action toward a common vision applying excellent communication and discipline coordination.  It takes using the information from the past- (statistics and downstream results) as well as being able to have a reliable predictive model of upstream risks and opportunities to make changes and improvements before a problem arises. They recognize that motivation and long term success depends on getting all the parts and all the levels working together. 

Back injuries are one of the most common and costly problems for organizations.  It is revealing that with all of the interventions implemented, scientific studies done, money spent and employee training completed to help mitigate this problem the statistics show that back injuries have stayed almost the same over the last 15 + years.  

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