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Solutions for your Pain!


Relax your Muscles

Release your Fascia

Revitalize your Movement

Rejuvenate your Life


Tired of living in pain?….. Nagging injuries?

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Get Strong again!







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Get back in the driver’s seat of your

Pain and Life Performance.

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SOMA’s Pain Relief System.

Treatment, Tools & Transformation!

We use safe, advanced and effective “hands on” treatments featuring SOMA Somatics, Clinical Pandiculation and Myofascial Release. We leave you with simple and practical tools for your maintenance and resilience. You come away with 5 -20 minute daily routines to centre, calm, relax and ready yourself for action. Incorporating somatic movements, mindfulness, movement meditation, breath work and soma somatic fascial stretching. We give you tips for your lasting resilience; improving your posture, body mechanics, ergonomics, injury prevention and gaining the performance edge. So you can experience a transformation from restriction and pain, into a new sense of confidence, power, flow and joy in your movement and your life.

“Clinical pandiculation is like a work out for your brain, stretch for your muscles and release of your whole body.”


“It helps relax, re-set and calm your whole neuromuscular system.”

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 Don’t be helpless!

Take back the Power!

Be your own best expert! We teach you how. We help you understand about the risk factors that may be causing and contributing to your pain, chronic tension, anxiety, dis-stress and injuries. From the ergonomic set up of the equipment, tools and technology you use, to your standing and sitting posture, your form when doing repetitive and common activities of living, to your personal patterns and habits. We help you get more clarity and precision with the actions and tools that will improve your ability to adapt with life, making the best use of your time, money and energy. We help you “release the brakes” that are causing you too feel old, weak, sore, unstable and out of control. We get you back in the driver’s seat of your movement, your quality of life, your joy, vitality and strength.  



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The safe and effective somatic movements help you get out of pain and find your flow. Educating your body and Awakening your mind! So your muscle memory is working for you! Not against you. They are kind of like a combination of yoga, pilates, breath work, meditation and tai chi.


Enjoy playing with with your kids again!

  Whether you are a weekend warrior, an ironman triathlete, a desk jockey, a yogi or just trying to enjoy your retirement with your grandkids we give you the tools to not only get back in the game, but to enjoy doing it better then ever. 

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Prices and Packages

We always try to give you the Best Value, so you get the most “bang for your buck”. To find out about the costs for private sessions and packages to help you save money.

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Private Sessions

Private “hands on” sessions will accelerate your recovery. The best treatment and tools for your unique body, goals and situation. Get rid of pain and learn how to “let go” of the torque and tension that is holding you back.

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Groups & Corporate

We have created interactive and enjoyable workshops for Back Care, Exceptional Aging, Injury Prevention and Ergonomics for corporate clients and the public.

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Soma Somatics

SOMA Somatics is a systematic approach to health and performance. Working with your brain, body, breath & fascia to get you out of pain and enjoying life again. Life is short. Don’t wait. You are worth it!


Greg Augustine is the principal of SOMA 4 LIVING. Greg specializes in helping people “Release their Life Performance”.

He helps you get out of pain and looking and performing your best again. Greg has over 20 years in the clinical, rehabilitation and personal performance fields as well over 28 years experience in leadership.

Greg’s services and programs help people remove the barriers hindering their recovery and ability to perform and enjoy life.


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